My dear i get it.


Back to my 3rd post. Ive tried to make up for what happened between me and my friend. Me, setting aside all the feelings that I felt for the last 3 months, tried to make things better and befriend again. But Ive tried every possible ways that I could and it seems like she’s trying to ignore me. She hates me that much huh? I thought.

But, I tried to think positively (since that’s what I learned also for the past 3 months of hell n its my new mantra) by trying to reach out for her again and again..and I even apologized…but still, she remained silence and says nothing.

Yes… now I get it. Actually, these are the things that I want to say to my bf, the unspeakable feelings that I have for her right now.

“Dear friend..dear my good friend, So, Im going to stay away, as it seems like that’s what you want me to do.I just hope that u r happy with what u r right now and continue to be happy and regrets would never come to you. As I’ve seen you in one and it’s not good. For me, remorse is what i feel right now, for loosing something that’s very dearly to me for so long as u used to play a big part in my life and u still are, until yesterday. Thank you.”


Your friend of 11 years.

I’m sad.

-ActUaLly GirLY-


About actuallygirly

A big girl who's trying her best to be as girly as possible (because according to her father and male companion, she's not!), in her walk, in her attire, in her work or at work, at home and also in her love life.

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